General Commercial Insurance

Experience that works for your business
No one wants to pay more for the right insurance than they have to, yet a surprising number of companies do. The ability to control commercial insurance costs without compromising coverage is closer than you think.

Whether you are looking for a bid based on set specifications or you would like us to conduct a thorough loss-exposure evaluation, Preston-Patterson has the experience you can rely on. Through thoughtful analysis, we’ll help determine the best approach to fit your business needs, then provide you with a proposal to meet your insurance needs and control your insurance costs.

But our work does not stop after “the sale.” In fact, that’s when our work truly begins. Throughout the policy year, we work hard to ensure that our clients’ on-going needs are promptly and professionally addressed. And, we pro-actively counsel our clients on insurance and risk management for new activities or unanticipated exposures.

With Preston-Patterson, it’s not about getting a stack of policies and a line item on your income statement. It’s about having access to an experienced team of hard-working insurance professionals dedicated to finding optimal coverage at the best price with superior service.