Vehicle Fleet Safety

Remote broadcast vehicles are an important part of a radio station’s engagement with listeners and ENG trucks are a key resource for locally produced news shows. But it seems that traffic is heavier everywhere these days. And isn’t it amazing how a low-speed, parking lot fender bender can result in the other driver sustaining “serious injury resulting in extraordinary pain, suffering and impairment”? While many commercial enterprises have historically had somewhat of a limited concern about vehicle fleet risk management, … Read More

Key General Liability Insurance Coverage Exclusions

Insurance covers everything, doesn’t it? Well, no, some exclusions do apply. And buried within the general liability insurance policy are a number of exclusions relevant to broadcasters including the following. Alcoholic Beverages The standard liquor liability exclusion eliminates coverage for liability for which an insured may be held responsible by reason of: Causing or contributing to the intoxication of any person, or The furnishing of an alcoholic beverage to a person under the legal drinking age or under the influence … Read More

I’ve Got A Property Claim, Now What?

Broadcasters tend to have favorable property claims experiences. But, with towers, antennas, and dishes being exposed to the weather and situated at remote, mountaintop sites, things can happen. Here are some suggestions for how to optimize and expedite your property insurance claim settlement. TIMELINESS A prompt first report of loss is very important. The scope of the damage – What else got fried by the lightning? – and the necessary corrective measures – Can we repair this or will it … Read More

Easy Insurance Improvements For Advertising Agencies

You’re an advertising/marketing professional, not an insurance wiz. Here are some suggestions to make sure that you have the appropriate property and casualty coverages in place. PROPERTY/GENERAL LIABILITY For property and general liability insurance coverage, go with a Businessowners Insurance Policy (BOP). BOPs are inexpensive, include a wide array of “bells & whistle” coverages (employee dishonesty, fine arts, valuable papers & records, etc.), and are payable over installments. Property Insurance Be attentive to the following relative to your property insurance: … Read More

Concert Insurance

Introduction Radio broadcasters are often involved in concerts be it as the host/organizer or as a supporting sponsor. And this is not just with respects to groups with distinct concert/event business units such as Townsquare Media, iHeart Media, and Galaxy Communications but also with respects to individual stations which organize or sponsor a concert as part of their station identity. Concerts are exciting and can be an important part of your engagement with your listeners and community. Here are some … Read More