6 Risk Management Tips to Help Your Next Event Run Smoothly

Conferences, roadshows, field events. Event marketing activities can be an important part of a successful marketing program. They are important, in that they create a lot of attention and excitement for a brand. And the face-to-face interactions are high-value, high-impact impressions. Certainly, you are going to work hard to make your event marketing activities exciting and noteworthy. But risk management and insurance matters are often overlooked or are just an afterthought, potentially with damaging and expensive consequences. Here are some … Read More

Why Your Advertising Agency Needs Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance nomenclature can often be confusing. For example, what is an “inland marine policy”? Sounds somewhat contradictory to me. And just what is covered under an “advertising agency professional liability policy” as opposed to an “advertising agency E&O policy”? Are they the same, and what do they do? To start, a general liability insurance policy’s primary coverage grant is for bodily injury and property damage liability. But unlike the treatment for most businesses, a general liability insurance policy does not … Read More